Spotlight on Maxime Desjardins

Ghost since 2003, Maxime Desjardins is the second actor to reveal himself.  

What led you to become an actor?

“My grandfather was very loud, and his jokes made everyone laugh. I wanted to be like him.“

What do you like most about your job?

“When you first approach a new character, you know nothing, you’re starting from scratch. You can’t assume anything. You keep trying things, getting it wrong, starting over. You question this person like you would a friend, and you finally get some answers. In the end you can build a life, a real life. And if you really do your job well, that life will be lasting, and universal.“

Do you have any other skills or hidden talents?

“At 16, my first job was pallbearer. I was destined to work closely with the dead. It probably helped me write my first monologues for Montréal Ghosts a few years later.“

What positive did you take from the pandemic break?

“Time to write and think about what I want in life. The opportunity to become an expert in princess movies (thanks to my daughter).“

What gives you hope for the next times to come?

“This impression that the worst is behind us. That the light is coming. That life will pick up again, with the clinking of glasses and the laughter of friends.“

What do you miss the most about your profession as an actor?

“Life on the road. Camaraderie and new experiences. And the beer after the show. The satisfaction of a job well done, a moment suspended in time, pressure gone, laughing as you look back on the night.“