Who we are

Montréal Ghosts at a glance…

  • Montréal Ghosts offers its guests a unique adventure in street theatre, set in the fascinating atmosphere of Old Montréal with professional actors who are members of the Artists Union.
  • The team at Guidatour – a tour guides agency known throughout Montréal since 1985 and a member of ADISQ – acts as the producer for Montréal Ghosts. They handle the coordination of operations as well as the sales and marketing.
  • Since its inception in 1999, Montréal Ghosts has been amazingly innovative in creating all aspects of a truly entertaining and captivating experience for visitors of all ages, whether local or from abroad.
  • Montréal Ghosts was the first business to develop the concept of evening street theatre using ghosts of the past to entertainingly convey knowledge of historic events and characters in Montreal.
  • In 2006 Montréal Ghosts was the recipient of a Ulysses trophy in the category of “Activities for 100,000 visitors or less” in the Grands Prix from Tourism Quebec.

Our Talented Ghosts

  • Laura Barbeau
  • Jod Léveillé-Bernard
  • Sébastien Billy
  • Velma Candyass
  • Marie-Anik Deschamps
  • Élyse Désilets
  • Maxime Desjardins
  • Simon Fréchette Daoust
  • Marie-Hélène Gosselin
  • Isabelle Grégoire
  • Evelyne Laniel
  • Audrey Lavigne
  • Félix Léveillé
  • Francis Marcil
  • Catherine Moreau
  • Aurélie Morgane
  • Natasha Perry-Fagant
  • Martine Pype-Rondeau
  • Maité Sinave
  • Marc-Antoine Sinibaldi
  • Ansia Wilscam-Desjardins