Spotlight on Aurélie Morgane

Meet the actress Aurélie Morgane, whose turn it is to answers our questions.

For how long have you been an actress?

“Since I graduated from Saint-Hyacinthe Theatre School in 2006.“

What led you to become an actress?

“I took up the immense challenge of overcoming my excessive shyness at any cost. The poetry of words, the fastidious search for unaffected emotion.“

What do you like most about your job?

“The dizzyness and the absoluteness of the present moment imposed by live performance.“

Do you have any other skills or hidden talents?

“Yes, a few!“

* Electro flutist 

* Children’s signer : MARIA CANNELLONI 

* Composer : PROJET AEOLIA 

Do you have a funny anecdote about your job as an actress or your activity as a Ghost?

“When people ask if they can help me as I walk around dressed as a fille du roi, with shadows under my eyes and blood all over my face.“

What positive did you take from the pandemic break?

“I started composing a new musical project to recenter myself and find inner peace. Simple songs that comfort me when I sing them.“