Spotlight on Francis Marcil

New month, new actor… Spotlight on Francis Marcil!

For how long have you been an actor?

“I’ve been working full time as an actor since 2010.“

What led you to become an actor?

“I’ve always loved being on stage, the intensity and fun of putting on a show, to be able to entertain and move the audience.“

What do you like most about your job as an actor?

“The camaraderie, the team spirit amongst the creators of the show, whether it’s theatre or TV. I love the creative process, bringing a project all the way to its conclusion. And of course, connecting with the public. That feeling of having treated people to a good time, people who made the effort to come out and see you.“

Do you have any other skills or hidden talents?

“I would say that I’m passionate about everything related to travel. I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot, and I always dreamed of becoming an international tour guide, to be able to work and interact in many different languages, in short, as far as possible from my routine. From a sports point of view, I’ve played ice hockey since I was a little kid, so I’m not too bad!“

Fo you have a funny anecdote about your profession as an actor or storyteller?

“I usually finish my tours by telling the story of Mary Gallagher, the best known ghost in the history of Montréal. Well one night, I told the story to a girl whose name was also Mary Gallagher. Let’s just say her family thought it was pretty funny (after they had a good fright, of course).“

What gives you hope for the next times to come?

“We’re more aware that the worst is behind us. The hope given to us by the vaccine and lockdown measures makes me believe that things might almost come back to normal this year. It makes me want to get going again, to develop projects, and to think that the best is yet to come.“